The Cheat Ratio

Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the receipts in Arizona again. The “cheat ratio” reveals 24 times more illegal votes than the 10,000 vote margin between Trump and Biden.

In Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes, the cheat ratio is 51 times the so-called Biden “victory” margin.

Plus, look out for the “shroud of spin” from the mainstream media, 

President Trump: ‘Democrats don’t want to hear anything about it because they know that they lost Arizona, and other scam election states, in a LANDSLIDE’

That’s rich: Georgia election official says the Arizona audit is violating ballots’ ‘chain of custody’

Eroding the Cable News Diaspora

Dr. Navarro says the Maricopa County audit is a historic, nonpartisan event that could be the “best microcosm of our election system ever.”

Plus, Navarro says he’s 100 percent certain about two things. The virus came from the Wuhan lab and the election was stolen.

“What we need is for the American people to understand that and if that happens it erodes the entire cable news diaspora,” Navarro said. “Not just MSNBC and CNN but a lot of these other channels now that are Never Trumper, non-Trump even if they’re playing on the Republican side. 

“And you know who i’m talking about here,” he said.

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A Bipartisan Recall

It’s official. Tom Del Beccaro, chair of Rescue California, returns after the recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom qualified to reach the ballot.

Contrary to what Newsom calls a “Republican recall,” Del Beccaro reveals more Democrats signed the petition than Republicans in Los Angeles and San Mateo.

“Why? Because this is a failed state,” he said. “Big government policies failed.” 

“Even Democrats are frustrated, they want common sense policies,” Del Beccaro said. “We lost a congressional seat in California because so many people are leaving.”

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Don’t Tempt Navarro

Dr. Navarro recalls his days running for mayor of San Diego in the early 1990s, when he was a “mini Trump” and says don’t tempt him to run for governor of California.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam and Jeremy Herrell report from their Real Save America Freedom tour live from the border.

Angel mom Laura Wilkerson tells her horrific and tragic story of her son’s torture and murder after he offered to give a ride home to an illegal alien. 

“What are these parents doing sending their kids?” Wilkerson said. “The hope is in Jesus, the hope is not in America.”

“We have to be a platform for every Angel mom,” Bannon said. 

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America’s Comeback

Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, joins War Room on his grassroots tour with Nigel Farage.

“Nigel proved it can work,” Brandon said. “He got a political party started in just weeks and they just crushed it in the elections.” 

“The grassroots is like a glacier, it just plows through things,” he said.


FreedomWorks Partners With Nigel Farage for America’s Comeback Tour


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