The First Real Audit

Democrat progressive and Bernie Sanders supporter John Brakey returns for a deep dive into the Maricopa county election audit. The co-founder and director Audit USA explains why this is the first genuine audit since November.

The Diesel Dupe of Elections

Brakey explains the security and unprecedented transparency of the Maricopa audit. Plus, Brakey says voter fraud is analogous to Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal.

“There really hasn’t been any audits,” Brakey said. “It’s no different than an emissions test by Volkswagen passing an emissions test on a diesel car.”

“They built a computer that knew when to cheat,” he said.

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MAGA Takeover in South Carolina

Tracy Beanz, editor-in-chief UncoverDC, explains how the MAGA movement is taking over South Carolina using Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy.

The recipe for success? “You stick to your word, you work with integrity, you don’t let anybody takeover…you stand firm you stand your ground, you say what you’re going to do, and you do it.”

Plus, Beanz explains what’s next in stopping the establishment GOP from holding a virtual convention.

“They’re worse than Democrats in a lot of ways,” she said.

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