Artur Pawlowski, the Polish pastor running the Gestapo out of his church in Canada, joined War Room with a dire warning for America.

After a SWAT team tried to unlawfully enter his church, Pastor Pawlowski warned America to stand up before it’s too late.

“We need an army to rise up,” he said. “We need people to stand up and not comply. We need a civil rights awakening again, noncompliance like Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“Public protests, rallies and saying to those masked gangsters, ‘No,’” he said. “We have to stand up together and push this evil away while we still can.”

Pastor Pawlowski said health tyranny in Canada is selective. Jewish and Christian congregations are targeted, while mosques are left alone.

Health inspectors and SWAT teams are ignoring federal law that church services cannot be interrupted in Canada.

“What they are doing is total lawlessness,” said Pastor Pawlowski, who is facing millions in fines for holding church services. You can donate to Pawlowski’s legal fund here.

“They got the judge illegally issuing an order to come in against the federal law to come into the church,” he said.” We’re going to be challenging this.” 

“Unless Canadians rise up and replace those devilish evil not law abiding lawless politicians” the tyranny will continue, Pawlowski said.

“There’s Ramadan right now and there are hundreds of Muslims coming together,” he said. “No harassment, no police, no violence, no health inspectors. It tells you there’s a double standard. They have an agenda.”

“They want to destroy Judeo-Christian values, they want to destroy patriotism,” Pastor Pawlowski said. “And they’re turning us into some kind of an enemy of the state with their crazy allegations and with their force.”

Pawlowski said he will not stop defying Canada’s public health inspectors, who are using unlawful edicts to harass his church.

“Will they arrest me next time? Will they tackle me to the ground for my horrible crimes of opening the church for vulnerable people, people who want to worship their God together?” he asked.


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