National Pulse contributor and former White House digital strategist Noelle Garnier joins War Room to explain the new divinity in America: Scientism.

Garnier traces the roots back to eugenicist Julian Huxley, revealing how America abandoned religion for belief in almighty celebrity scientists.

Garnier exposed Julian Huxley, a eugenicist who “used the full power of mass media to airbrush eugenics on the world stage” between the 1930s and 1960s.

Huxley’s article “the New Divinity” revealed the globalist plan to supplant monotheistic religion with a “new secular divinity.”

Huxley’s vision has been fulfilled, Garnier says, where now “scientists and their findings have been prescribed total moral authority.” 

Stephen K. Bannon said the persecution of Artur Pawlowski, the polish pastor in Canada, embodies the new religion of Scientism.

“When the jackboots come to the door full up armored with weapons, and say we just want to come in and observe…that is the personification of what Noelle Garnier [is talking about],” he said.

Garnier previews her next installment exposing Scientism in the National Pulse.

“We ask next who is doing the science, who is funding the science,and what — most importantly — are their aims for humanity?” she said.


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