Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer on War Room, asking God to save America from evil.

Rabbi Spero told War Room it is time for God fearing Americans to stand up and challenge the prevailing evil “woke” authority.

“We ask you to help us, protect our children in school…from malevolent forces trying to take away our children’s innocence,” Rabbi Spero said. “Indoctrinating them to hate America, hate their American and Christian heritage, and to even hate their own race and skin color if they’re white…and forcefully pushing them to explore and affirm sexual practices that are anathema to the innocence of childhood.”

“Lord, with all our heart we beseech you to help us as your partner and agents in protecting our children, the innocent so dear to you and your cosmic design,” he said. “Do not allow the so-called woke to teach them to hate themselves.”

Rabbi Spero urged local communities to “stop this madness” and “indeed, this evil” in America.

He said it’s time to “challenge the prevailing authority and speak truth to power.”

“We must momentarily set aside humility for the battle and calling of the battle,” Rabbi Spero said. “We are in such a moment.”


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