MSM Cavorts in Total Meltdown 

War Room follows the ongoing meltdown by the mainstream media over the historic Maricopa County election audit. Stephen K. Bannon says Arizona will prove Joe Biden is illegitimate.

Matt Braynard, executive director Look Ahead America, explains what the new census data means for Republicans. Plus, Braynard reveals what to expect from the Arizona audit.

Subtle New York Times Headline: ‘Conspiracy Theorists Cavort in Messy Recount in Arizona’

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Indefinite Fraud in Wisconsin

Matt Braynard goes through his evidence of fraudulent ballots in Georgia, and other swing states. Braynard reveals 97 percent of “indefinitely confined” ballots — that circumvent Wisconsin voter ID law — were fraudulent.

This includes a state senator’s wife who was zooming around on a speedboat, but cast an “indefinitely confined” ballot. “It completely blows out of the water the margin of victory in Wisconsin,” Braynard said.

President Trump statement: ‘Incredible organization and integrity taking place in Arizona…’

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No Genocide Games

Frank Gaffney, vice chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, goes through the abominations of the Chinese Communist Party. Gaffney reveals the campaign to cancel “the genocide games,” also known as the Beijing Olympics.

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Open Letter to the U.S. Olympics Committee: Stop the ‘Genocide Games’

Silicon Valley West

Col. John Mills says we must treat Taiwan like it is critical infrastructure of the United States.

“It would be like Detroit falling to Nazi Germany during the second World War,” Col. Mills said if China moves in.

“If Taiwan falls today, your life immediately changes,” Bannon said.

Read John Mills at the Epoch Times.


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