Voting is Secret, Counting is Public

Democrat progressive and Bernie Sanders supporter John Brakey joins War Room and breaks with the left on the Maricopa County audit.

Brakey, the co-founder and director Audit USA, explains why the previous audits were not audits at all, and says voter integrity not a right or left issue.

“We should not have to wonder if we have a democracy or not,” Brakey said. “Voting in this country is a secret process. The actual act of counting is a public process.”

“People are losing their faith in the system,” he said.


WATCH the Maricopa Audit HERE.

Liz Cheney is Triggered

Boris Epshteyn explains what’s triggering Liz Cheney. Plus, Epshteyn says he feels very good about the legal cases in Maricopa, despite the judge recusing himself.

Call Kevin McCarthy and tell him to hold another GOP leadership vote to remove Liz Cheney: 202-225-2915

BREAKING: Arizona Judge Recuses Himself From Election Audit Case To Be Settled in the Morning After Judge Is Notified that Attorney Who Previously Interned for Judge Works for the Auditors

The Rise of Scientism

National Pulse contributor and former White House digital strategist Noelle Garnier joins War Room to explain the new divinity in America: scientism.

Garnier traces the roots back to eugenicist Julian Huxley, revealing how America abandoned religion for belief in almighty celebrity scientists.

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Senator Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci Must Answer Why He Funded Dangerous Human-Virus Studies after they were Banned in US

The Darkest Piece Revolver Has Ever Run 

Darren Beattie reveals the darkest piece ever published by Revolver — and that’s saying something.

Plus, Beattie previews two new pieces about to drop on the purge of MAGA from the intel community, and blowing the lid off the false Jan. 6 narrative.

“People will forever think of the nature of their government differently,” he said.

Read if you dare: These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint For Complete Takeover

For the Lizards

Micahel Voris, of Church Militant, exposes the depopulation movement and the creeping globalist agenda inside the Catholic church.

“They keep pushing the narrative nonstop that somehow the most important aspect of human life is actually the planet,” Voris explains. “The Bill Gates’s of the world, these people are on record saying the human population has to be greatly reduced in order to save the planet. Well, saving the planet for what? For plants to grow and whatever lizards to run around and enjoy whatever lizards run around and enjoy?”

“There’s an opposition here to the things of God,” he said.

Visit: The Church Militant


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