Prayer to Save America

Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer to save America from evil. Stephen K. Bannon says look out for the bombing runs from the mainstream media against the Maricopa County election audit, as CNN smears the auditors.

CNN’s drive by to smear Maricopa County audit 

Get Rabbi Spero’s book: Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit

Admission of Guilt

Mayor Rudy Giuliani reveals the process of the Maricopa audit. The audit will separate inauthentic ballots from authentic ones and look inside the machines.

Giuliani says the Democrats’ legal case is “very weak,” and going to court to try to block the audit is an admission of their guilt.

Navarro shows the receipts: ‘Georgia is Going to Be Next,’ Over 600,000 Illegal Ballots in Race Decided by 11,000

Arizona: Over 250,000 Illegal Votes in Election Decided by Just 10,000

Artur Pawlowski Joins War Room

Hero Polish Pastor in Canada Artur Pawlowski joins War Room for an update after a SWAT team tried to unlawfully enter his church.

Pastor Pawlowski reveals the health tyranny in Canada is selective. Jewish and Christian congregations are targeted, while mosques are left alone.

Vaccine passports are here: The E.U. will allow vaccinated Americans to visit this summer

Gestapo Attacks Canadian Church Again!! Pastor again tells them Get Out, Nazi!!

Stop the Masked Gestapo

Pastor Artur Pawlowski says Canada has descended into lawlessness. Health inspectors and SWAT teams ignore federal law that church services cannot be interrupted.

Pawlowski warns history is repeating itself. He sees the same tyranny he endured from communists in Poland coming to Canada and America.

“We need an army to rise up,” he said. “We need people to stand up and not comply. We need a civil rights awakening again, noncompliance like Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“Public protests, rallies and saying to those masked gangsters, ‘No,'” he said. “We have to stand up together and push this evil away while we still can.”

Visit: Street Church

Official Legal Fund for Artur Pawlowski

EMAIL: [email protected]

Artur Pawlowski TV


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