Dr. Peter Navarro said America must decouple from China.

“The only path is to decouple economically and let the chips fall where they may,” Navarro told War Room, Saturday. “There is no diplomacy possible with China.”

Decoupling is what Xi Jingping is afraid of, Navarro said. Xi recently called for a “new world order,” but warned against decoupling with the U.S.

“That’s what he fears,” Navarro said.

Navarro blasted John Kerry as a “useful idiot on steroids,” and derided Biden’s virtual climate summit for including communist China, the biggest polluter in the world.

“China is going to kill this planet,” he said.

Navarro explained China builds coal plants in two weeks, while promising to cut emissions in 2050. 

“2049 is also when they’ve promised to take over the world,” he noted.

Navarro said the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy is to weaken the U.S. by using useful idiots like Kerry, who will help “unilaterally disarm” America’s manufacturing power through decarbonization.


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