The Uniparty is Nervous

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Rachel Maddow sounds nervous. Dr. Peter Navarro joins in-studio and challenges Maddow to go through the receipts of election fraud.

“What she knows in her bones is this election was stolen,” Navarro said. “It was stolen by Molly Balls’ team on TIME magazine cover, she named names, they bragged about it.

“What Rachel was doing was inoculating the left against the reality the high probability that they’re going to find of those 2.1 million ballots massive and different types of fraud,” he said.

Someone sounds nervous: Rachel Maddow freaks out about Maricopa audit going forward

Trump statement: ‘Democrats are ‘swarming’ trying to get the Forensic Election Audit stopped, because only they know exactly what they’ve done’

250,000 Illegal Ballots in Election Decided By 10,000

Dr. Navarro goes through the receipts in Arizona, which shows 254,722 potential illegal votes in a race decided by 10,457 votes.

“That’s 24 times the alleged Biden ’victory’ margin,” Navarro said.

The illegality includes mail-in ballots returned on or before postmark date, ghost voters, illegal aliens, and more. Navarro said the 1960 

Plus, Navarro reveals what bothers him most about the swamp.

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The Den Mother of Misinformation

Bannon and Navarro explain the historic importance of the audit in Arizona. Plus, Bannon reveals why Rachel Maddow is the “den mother” of misinformation, and Perkins Coie’s “election integrity” projects, a.k.a. election meddling.

‘Georgia Is Going to Be Next’

Dr. Navarro goes through the election fraud receipts in Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes in a race decided by less than 12,000.

WATCH: Video from GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left


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