Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers, said a revival is underway among Christian men, who are “sick and tired of the evil” in America.

Harrison joined War Room, Friday, to preview his massive gathering of 80,000 Christian men in Dallas this July.

“There’s a movement happening,” Harrison said.

Harrison says men are starting to stand up and will gather to preach God’s word, unapologetically.

“We’re the solution not the problem,” he said.

Harrison said for too long Christians were complacent in the culture. “Look how quickly it went from homosexual marriage to men putting on dresses pretending their women to play in women’s sports?” he said.

The purpose of the Christian men conference is to “remind us of who we are in Christ.”

“We are all sinners,” he said. “Through the grace of Christ we can get out of it.”

Harrison said 80,000 Christian men gathering at the Dallas Cowboys stadium will be a “global news story.”

“The world’s gonna say, ‘Wow, I’m not alone,” he said.


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