What Are They Hiding?

Stephen K. Bannon calls out establishment Republicans for their “phony” play to use immigration against Biden.

“This is about the sovereignty of our country,” he said. “It’s not about political games.”

Boris Epshteyn reacts to breaking news out of Maricopa County, and corrects the record: Democrats did not get a temporary restraining order. They did get a “pause,” but not on the merits of the audit. 

“Democrats are getting so desperate,” Epshteyn said. “They didn’t get out of this judge what they wanted. The judge did not question the validity, the need for the audit.”

‘THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID!’: President Trump Torches Democrat Lawyers in Arizona

Politico: The border turned out to be a better attack on Biden than even Republicans thought

It’s Not Fair, Don’t Whine About It

Boris Epshteyn expects more gamesmanship from the Democrats, and explains what happens next in Maricopa. Bannon and Epshteyn say MAGA needs to be on its toes.

“This is going to be looked at under a microscope,” Bannon said. 

“We have to be perfect, because the onus is always on us,” Epshteyn said.

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Breaking News Out of Maricopa

Boris Epshteyn reports the Democrats will not put up the $1 million bond to pause the election audit, meaning it will resume.

Epshteyn said this is a sign Democrat lawyers “believe that the audit is inevitable.” 

But don’t spike the football yet. Democrats might have other tricks up their sleeves to stop the public from seeing the receipts of what they did on Nov. 3.

Arizona Democratic Party declined to put up a $1 million bond that the Maricopa judge requested for the halt. Audit to continue this weekend uninterrupted.

The Top of the First 

Boris Epshteyn says the election audit will resume Saturday, but tells the Deplorables to stay alert, it’s only the top of the first inning.

“Keep a very close eye on every move by the Democrats,” he said. “Don’t be discouraged, you’re ging to have an attack on this audit of all sides now. Stay strong, we cannot back down now.”

Plus, Epshteyn says Biden is handing every border state to Republicans.

“The border is why President Trump won in 2016,” Bannon said. “And quite frankly a big part of why he won in 2020 but, for various reasons, did not close on that win.”


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