What One Person Can Do

Citizen Free Press’s Kane reveals his new sports website Gutsmack — sports without the politics.

Kane credits his audience for Citizen Free Press’s success, which averaged 77 million views last month.

“I’m just there to keep the place from exploding,” he said. “It’s the readers. They’re the ones who are really really making the difference.”

Visit: Gutsmack.com

Citizen Free Press

Dems File Rules for Radicals in AZ

Arizona Honeybadger Mark Finchem returns to give an update from Maricopa, where the Democrats are attempting to block the election audit at the 11th hour.

Finchem says the temporary restraining order “reads like Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.”

“They just ripped the cover off it and tried to include it in a court case,” he said.

WATCH the audit HERE.

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81 Million Votes…286 Live Stream Watchers

Something’s wrong with this picture, when only 286 people are watching a climate summit held by the guy who supposedly got 81 million votes.

War Room’s editor-in-chief Liz Harrington returns to update on Biden’s virtual Great Reset.

From Covid to Climate Summit Day 2

Harrington explains what the real goal of the climate summit is about: control, and ending American sovereignty.

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Where Are the Christian Men?

Coming off the sidelines. Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers, previews his massive gathering of 80,000 Christian men in Dallas this July.

“There’s a movement happening,” he said. Harrison says men are standing up and “sick and tired of the evil” in America, and will gather to preach God’s word, unapologetically.

“We’re the solution not the problem,” he said.

MORE Info: PromiseKeepersEvent.com


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