They Finally Blinked

War Room reacts to the establishment’s last ditch effort to block the audit of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County.

The emergency temporary restraining order by Marc Elias and co. is a sign of desperation that Democrats really don’t want you to see the receipts of Nov. 3.

Democrats Sue To Block AZ Election Audit

‘We’re Going to Get to the Bottom of Nov. 3’

Rudy Giuliani says the Democrats are protesting too much against checking the ballots in Arizona. “If you ran a legitimate election and the state legislature wants to take a look and you’ve got nothing to worry about then answer is, ‘Yes come take a look,'” he said.

“These idiots think we’re so stupid to believe that no illegal aliens voted in Arizona,” Giuliani said. “That’s impossible in Arizona.” 

Stephen K. Bannon says there is more than enough to change the outcome in Arizona.

“I cannot tell you how important this is,” he said. “One fall they’re all going to fall.”

“The mainstream media just hopes this goes away” Bannon said. “This is not going away, we’re getting to the bottom of Nov 3.”

President Trump Has Been Briefed on AZ Audit – Is “Very Interested” – Rudy Giuliani Joins the War Room to Discuss Historic AZ Election Audit

NY in Free Fall

America’s mayor reacts to the deteriorating state of New York City, and says he can’t believe it’s happening this fast.


‘It Screams Guilt’

Boris Epshteyn previews the hearing at 2 p.m. ET for the Democrats’ pathetic attempt to block transparency in Maricopa.

“It screams guilt,” says Raheem Kassam.

Plus, Kassam reveals why Great Britain is going vegan.

Citizens Free Press Turns 4

Kane, of Citizen Free Press, joins War Room on his website’s fourth anniversary, and four years since he’s taken a day off.

“Don’t feel bad for me with no days off,” Kane said. “I’ve played golf a few times.”

Ron DeSantis goes to Citizen Free Press first…

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