My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s new social media platform Frank is blacklisted across major search engines.

The Big Tech censorship hasn’t been able to stop 222 million people from visiting Lindell’s livestream at, Lindell told War Room, Thursday.

“Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, it’s completely blacklisted,” Lindell said. “You have to punch it in by hand. They have the power to do anything they do not want this word out.”

“The power they have that they take away your search engine [and say] ‘Let’s make Mike disappear,'” he said.

Lindell said cyber attacks have delayed users from being able to create accounts on Frank. However, back up plans allowed hundreds of millions to get through to livestream to see evidence of the stolen election.

“The broadcast media part went off without a hitch,” he said. “Two hundred twenty-two million people, over 1.5 billion touches.”

“That’s my most important thing is we need to get this evidence out,” Lindell said.

“We’re doing this in stages now because we’ere getting attacked,” he said. “They could not break the live stream.”

Despite Big Tech’s censorship and Big Media’s smears, Lindell said Frank will be successful.

“It’s too late the cows are out of the gate,” Lindell said of the evidence that China interfered in the election for Joe Biden.

Lindell promised he will be live every day until the rest of Frank launches.

“Be patient,” he said. “This is amazing.”


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