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Arizona State Senator Sonny Borelli joins War Room on the historic day when 2.1 million ballots arrived at Veterans Memorial Coliseum for the forensic audit in Maricopa County.

“If there was nothing wrong with the election they should be pleased as punch to say, ‘Hey prove us right,'” Borelli said.

“If you have something to hide you’re going to put up as much resistance as possible,” he said. “I believe they’re afraid of what we’re going to find.” 

GA Mother: ‘It’s time, take these masks off of my child!’

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One Fall, They All Fall

Stephen K. Bannon and Boris Epshteyn reflect on the power of the War Room audience and MAGA patriots who made the momentous audit in Arizona happen.

 “It’s a vital event,” Epshteyn said. If enough irregularities are found to change 0.3 percent — the margin in Arizona — Epshteyn said other audits will follow.

“How can we not see an audit in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania? And you have all these audits what’s next after that?” he said.

“One fall, they all fall,” Bannon said.

Biden’s Open Border Smuggling Operation Revealed

Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, reports live from the border on the horrific human smuggling operation where it’s “boom time” for the cartels.

Latinos for Trump president Bianca Gracia reveals inside information from the Border Patrol on the true nature of the crisis.

“This is an invasion,” she said.

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The Pope Today, Bill Gates Tomorrow editor-in-chief Liz Harrington reports on the Biden virtual climate summit, where all the globalists are singing the same Great Reset tune.

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