A counter-Vatican conference “Truth Over Fear” will air live to combat the globalist “Great Reset” agenda being promoted by Pope Francis.

Patrick Coffin told War Room his online summit will expose the “tyranny in plain sight” surrounding the covid-19 pandemic.

“Our Conference Truth Over Fear is going to give you natural and supernatural immunity to the real virus summit, which is the one put on the Vatican

“It’s not just a garbage event they’re holding,” “Chelsea Clinton, Tony Fauci, the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer, the noted virologist Joe Perry from the Aerosmith medical group. This is a rogues gallery of people on the wrong side of history.”

The conference will feature a Holocaust survivor, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and others on the left, right, and center who will expose the tyranny the world faces.

“The evidence is coming in stronger and stronger every day that this was a pre-planned organized catastrophe,” Coffin said. “The ‘Great Reset’ organized by Klaus Schwab, another unelected oligarch.”

Coffin, an author and radio host, also organized a petition to cancel the Vatican conference, which features pro-abortion activists and a “who’s who of devils.”

Coffin said the “masked army” and constant propaganda are a “dress rehearsal for compliance with the vaccine.”

Coffin said he’s not afraid of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” — the “Devil’s term du jour” for anyone who questions the narrative — because the evidence of the truth is all around.

“What matters is what’s happening in plain sight,” he said. “We have to  isolate if we’re not sick. We have to wear a mask when it doesn’t stop you from getting sick.

Coffin said “massive Stockholm syndrome” is underway.

“It doesn’t matter what you think of the pre-planning [of the pandemic],” he said. “It is unfolding. The vaccine passports are going to be arriving unless we the people push back.”

Coffin said the pivot from the “covid cult” to climate change and the “Greta Thunberg-ism” is already underway by the mainstream media, to promote fear and hysteria around climate change.


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