Liz Yore, founder Yore Children, said the Vatican is “making itself the servant of the new world order” with its globalist “mind, body, and soul” conference.

Yore explained whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s complaints with the conference on War Room, Wednesday.

The “who’s who of devils” scheduled next month, features Dr. Fauci as a keynote speaker, and pro-abortion activists Chelsea Clinton, Cindy Crawford, and other globalist celebrities.

Viganò called Chelsea Clinton “a follower of the Church of Satan and a staunch abortion advocate.” He also called out the conference for featuring Fauci for his “scandalous conflicts of interests” with the pandemic. And a “whole slew of abortionists, Malthusians, and globalists known to the general public.”

“The new world order is really the communist new world order,” Yore said. “And we need to be calling the great reset not the great reset. It’s the communist reset.”

Yore said Catholics should follow the lead of Archbishop Viganò, and push back against the globalist takeover of the Vatican.

“We have to start putting aside all the niceties that the nuns taught us,” Yore said.

“When the Vatican has provided moral cover for the Chinese Communist government they continue to push the envelope,” she said. “At this point [Pope Francis has] become a joke.” 

“What Viganò is telling us is we can no longer be silent accomplices to this apostasy,” Yore said. 

Stephen K. Bannon said it’s time to “start closing the wallet” to the Catholic church.

“The only thing they understand is hardball,” he said.


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