Arizona state representative Mark Finchem gives War Room an exclusive inside look at the Maricopa County audit of 2.1 million ballots.

Finchem reveals the security system complete with overhead cameras to see every ballot, and uniformed and plain clothes officers patrolling the arena.

“The joy of our system is the people have a right to scrutinize their elections,” Finchem said. “You don’t see that in communist China.”

Even with all the security, Finchem is not putting anything past the Democrats and establishment Republicans who’ve pulled out everything to block the audit from happening. Perkins Coie and Dominion have stepped up their efforts to stop the audit.

“I put nothing past these guys,” Finchem said. “They know this is a corrupt system.”

“Why are they spending so many resources” he said. “You would think not only would the Democrat Party be doing a happy dance. You think they’d be in our grill saying, ‘here’s how we beat you.'”

“But they’re not doing that,” Finchem said.

Boris Epshteyn said he’s hearing the Arizona vote count, which was decided by 0.3 percent, has an error rate as high as 30 percent.

“That would be absolutely earth shattering,” Epshteyn said. “That’s 600,000 votes, I’m not even expecting that.”

“If this election is off by 5 percent its groundbreaking,” he said. “Two percent changes the outcome.”



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