The Trucks Are Waved Through

Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam discuss the race-baiting industry and the lie of systemic racism.

Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, reports live from Ojinaga, just outside Presidio, Texas, where adult single male apprehensions are up 365 percent.

Systemic Racism is a Monstrous Lie

Lebron James Targets Cop Who Saved Young Black Girl From Getting Stabbed

Raheem: No, LeBron, You’re Next

‘Blow Dried Hair BS’

Stephen K. Bannon says the border is “even a deeper crisis” than we know.

Dr. Peter Navarro on why we really should get pissed off about the border crisis: 10 million Americans still out of work from the CCP virus.

Plus, Navarro says he never wants to see Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy at the border again.

“How come Steve Bannon’s War Room has better correspondents than CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and every other network?” Navarro said. “How come you’ve got better intel than any intel coming out of the border?”  

“The crap we get from the networks,” he said. “And I do not ever want to see Ted Cruz or Kevin McCarthy going back down there. That’s just blow dried hair BS.”

Blood on Biden’s Hands 

Dr. Navarro explains why black and brown communities will suffer the most from Biden’s border crisis. Navarro says real wages won’t rise for years, and “carnage” will result.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have control of his government,” Navarro said. “There’s a segment of Biden’s administration that wants open borders. They stuffed the ballot box in 2020…in 2024 and beyond they want to stuff the ballot box with illegal aliens.”

Plus, Natalie Winters explains why black wages don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

Biden’s China Ambassador Pick Now Advises The Chinese Communist Party On Crypto

Naming Names

Natalie Winters previews her next exclusive on the mainstream media’s junkets to communist China. 

Navarro reveals the “traitors in our midst” and says you can’t trust China on anything.

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