Author David Horowitz is tired of calling Democrats “liberals.”

“They’re racists, they’re enemies of America,” Horowitz told War Room, Wednesday. “They’re friends of criminals. It’s a criminal party the Democrat Party.

“Start using the appropriate language, stop calling them liberals,” he said. “We’re liberals. We actually believe in two sides to a conversation because we know we can win a political argument.”

“Their goal is a one party state,” Horowitz said. “They are fascists,”

The author of the new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America, said conservatives must wake up to the fact that America is under a communist revolution.

“I was raised by card-carrying communists,” he said. “Everyone I knew as a young person wanted Stalin to win the Cold War. You see these kids coming out and burning things saying, ‘You can’t stop the revolution.'”

“It’s a communist revolution,” Horowitz said. “And we don’t use those terms on the right for some reason.”

Horowitz said the Democrat Party is a racist party, which is using the lie of “systemic racism” as a cudgel.

“When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say there’s systemic racism in America that is a monstrous lie worthy of the propaganda and psychological war divisions of the Chinese Communist Party, the Iranian mullahs, and Putin,” he said.

Obama and Harris Raised by Communists

Horowitz said Republicans are “cowards” and too meek to call the enemy what it is: racist, communists who are trying to overthrow the United States of America.

“Barack Obama who was raised by communists,” he said. “The difference between us was he never left the communist movement.” Horowitz said Kamala Harris’s parents were Marxists, too.

If Republicans want to survive, they need to capitalize on the gift President Donald Trump gave them, Hororwitz said.

“Donald Trump has given us a gift,” he said. “He has created for the first time in history a massive conservative movement.”

Horowitz said this massive movement must take back the education system “from kindergarten on up.”

“We are the majority,” Horowitz said. “Trump got 80 million votes. Biden’s votes are fake votes. That election was stolen.”

“We are so close to losing the country,” he said. “This is a war and the quicker you understand that the better.”


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