Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Maxine Waters should be expelled from Congress, after Waters threatened a jury and tried to start a race war.

“We have a sitting U.S. Congresswoman threatening a jury before they were even going into deliberations,” Rep. Greene told War Room, Tuesday. “She is completely unhinged and out of control.”

Rep. Greene introduced a resolution to expel Waters from Congress, after Waters traveled to Minnesota — with police detail — to incite more violence and demand a first degree murder charge of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was not charged with first degree murder.

“That is why introduced a resolution to expel her,” Greene said. “Not only is she threatening a jury, she’s out in the streets telling these domestic terrorists to be more confrontational, basically saying there’s going to be hell to pay.”

Rep. Greene said Waters is the “de facto commander” of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who have been terrorizing American cities for a year.

“They impeach President Trump for saying march peacefully to the capitol and make your voices heard,” she said.  “We need to expel Maxine Waters because this woman is out in the streets inciting violence.

“She’s basically inciting a race war,” Greene said. “Nancy Pelosi is rubber stamping it and Joe Biden’s on board with it.”

Greene said the Republican leadership did not want to confront Waters, until her resolution to expel Waters prompted action. Now, Kevin McCarthy is supporting a censure resolution.

“There was no action,” Greene said. 

“The Democrats will go to any length,” she said. “Most of the time it’s Republicans who haven’t caught up yet.” 


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