Big Media’s lies about MAGA and Jan. 6 have fallen apart, but Darren Beattie says questions still remain about the FBI’s targeting of Americans., The National Pulse, and War Room were proven right, as MAGA was vindicated from the blood libel for the death of veteran Brian Sicknick.

“We’ve been vindicated over and over again,” Beattie told War Room, Tuesday.

Now that we know Officer Sicknick’s death had nothing to do with Jan. 6, Darren Beattie says questions still remain about the FBI smears against MAGA, including mysteries around the pipe bomb narrative.

“The original narrative was that Sicknick was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher,” he said. “They changed that narrative but they tried to change that narrative to he was killed in a manner associated with him being at the Capitol.”

“This extinguishes that narrative that his death had anything to do with 1/6,” Beattie said. The medical examiner’s report released four months after Sicknick’s death showed he died of “natural causes.”

Beattie said Big Media callously use Sicknick’s death to call the so-called insurrection “deadly,” and blood libel over 74 million Americans.

“Blood libel, that’s exactly what it was,” he said. “This whole false narrative was a blood libel against MAGA, against patriots, against over 74 million people who voted like us.”

Beattie pointed out that Officer Sicknick was himself a Trump supporter.

“These people are looking down the barrel of a lens and lying to us,” said Raheem Kassam. “Willfully lying to us, and they point the finger at you and you and me and they say disinformation. They are the disinformation agents.”


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