Inciting an Appeal?

Real America’s Voice correspondent Tracey Anthony reports live from Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all three counts of the George Floyd case.

“Maxine Waters and Joe Biden may have intentionally intervened in this to drag this out,” said Raheem Kassam.

Boris Epshteyn blames Maxine Waters for a likely future appeal for a lack of fair trial.

“Does anybody believe that the merits of the case were considered by the jury,” asked Kassam. “Or were they just frightened by the riots that would ensue and the doxxing that they endured by the media in the last week?”

Media Doxxing and Democrats Influence Jury

Bernie Kerik reacts to the jury’s verdict in the Chauvin trial, and says its likely the “the threat of burning down the city weighed in their mind.”

Boris Epshteyn says, “As soon as chavin’s petition to remove this trail from Minneapolis failed, any chance of an acquittal, any chance of really a fair trial likely failed.”

Raheem Kassam said the Biden regime’s meddling in the case, points to their attempt to sow discord and upheaval to distract from the “crimes of the elite.”

“It’s coordinated,” Bannon said.

Plus, War Room exposes the media trying to doxx members of the jury.

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The Jury Reads the Paper

Rudy Giuliani reacts to the verdict of a “very difficult case,” and says the trial was “completely subverted by the media” and Maxine Waters.

Giuliani said it’s “absolutely outrageous” for the media to be doxxing the jury. “That any responsible journalist would do that, unless you want to put the lives of members of the jury in jeopardy,” he said.

Plus, Giuliani also explains the biggest areas of appeal, and blasted Maxine Waters for putting the law in jeopardy. 

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Banana Republic

Raheem Kassam reads a bizarre statement from Nancy Pelosi where she calls George Floyd’s death a “sacrifice.”

Sam Faddis, former CIA intelligence officer, says teh U.S. is enduring an “ongoing Marxists revolution.”

“What we’re seeing is not protest, the goal is not reform,” he said. “The folks driving this are marxists they want insurrection.”

Faddis says everything surrounding the Chauvin trial, threatening the jurors, and the news media is reminiscent of a Banana republic, and says a new trial is very likely.

“Here’s the thing with Biden and company,” Faddis said. “They think they can just ride this wave. What they don’t understand is these guys hate Joe Biden basically as much as they hate Donald Trump.

“They don’t want Joe Biden in the White House,” he said. “They don’t want a republic anymore and they’re very clear about that.”

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