MAGA Vindicated

The lies are falling apart from Jan. 6., The National Pulse, and War Room were proven right, and MAGA is vindicated from the blood libel for the death of veteran Brian Sicknick.

Now that we know Officer Sicknick’s death had nothing to do with Jan. 6, Darren Beattie says questions still remain about the FBI smears against MAGA, including mysteries around the pipe bomb narrative.

Revolver News: Could ridiculous “FBI Pipe Bomb Narrative be next shoe to fall? 

Feb. 26th Revolver report — Capitol Mystery: Who’s blocking the evidence?

Glenn Greenwald: The Media Lied Repeatedly About Officer Brian Sicknick’s Death. And They Just Got Caught.

Maxine Waters, Antifa Commando

Rep. Greene blasts Maxine Waters, and puts the Democrat on notice for trying to start a race war and threatening a jury.

“We have a sitting us congresswoman threatening a jury before they were even going into deliberations,” Greene said. “She is completely unhinged and out of control.”

Waters is “the de facto commander of some kind of army that has been endangering the lives of Americans, killing people like David Dorn,” she said.


Tucker: Maxine Waters supports mob violence

MAGA Revolt in Georgia

John Fredericks reports on the MAGA takeover in Georgia.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene joins War Room in studio for the full hour, and says the MAGA revolt is “bigger than people can even comprehend.”

Plus, Rep. Greene explains what suburban women voters really want: America First policies.

Politico Melts Down Over MAGA Revolt in Georgia


Rep. Greene proposes the debate everyone wants to see: MTG vs. AOC.

The battle over the Green New Deal would expose freedom vs. capitalism, and could be pay-per-view, with proceeds being split to the causes of their choice.

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