John Tamny, vice president FreedomWorks and editor of RealClearMarkets, says Big Tech will soon be usurped by newer technology Americans haven’t dreamed of.

“The size of Big Tech today is the surest sign that the reign of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple will not last forever,” Tamny told War Room, Tuesday. “Great wealth attracts investment to knock it off its perch.”

Tamny says the mismanagement of the U.S. dollar makes the privatization of money through cryptocurrency “inevitable.”

“Capitalism always outruns politicians,” he said.

“Parler is not what’s going to knock Twitter out of the game,” Tamny said. “What’s going to knock it out is some business that we haven’t even thought of a new way of doing things.”

“State capitalism by its very name is going to strangle itself,” he said. “The minute government discovers a business is a sure sign its reign up top is going to be dissipated.”

Tamny pointed to GM, IBM, Microsoft, AOL, and others that were once believed to be kings of technology forever, but were supplanted by the next big thing.

‘If it’s lethal, I don’t need to be forced to stay home.’

Tamny also exposed the fallacy of lock downs. In his new book,  When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason, reveals the horrific economics during the pandemic.

“What about economic desperation, what about destroying jobs, destroying businesses, destroying psyches has anything to do with fighting a virus?” he said. “The very notion was cruel but it was also anti-health. The economic destruction had nothing to do with saving lives.”

Tamny said lock downs are anti-health and about control, and were based on a lie.

“Lock downs are just incorrect, I’m for freedom,” he said. “What about the possibility of getting sick being hospitalized, the possibility of dying requires force?”

“The lock downs never made sense,” he said. “If you think you might get sick, logic dictates you won’t do that. If it’s lethal, I don’t need to be forced to stay home.” 

“They were taking freedom and they weren’t going to give it back,” Tamny said.


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