Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin called the Chinese Communist Party a “mafia,” who must be confronted inside America’s cultural institutions.

“Look at the CCP, it’s a religion,” Rogin said. “It’s a family based mafia organization, what can we say other than the British royalty was a religion.” 

Rogin said the most “urgent problem” with the CCP is the threat they pose to America at home.

“When they tell you you can’t talk about Hong Kong or they’re going to punish the NBA, that’s a problem,” Rogin said. The CCP seeds “our universities with billions of dollars…the corruption and the influence we have to start here at home.”

“We have to protect ourselves first,” he said. “That will resonate with Democrats and Republicans.

“Inside the borders of the United States, then we can build that consensus,” Rogin said.


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