“It’s been quite a week,” says James O’Keefe.

Recently banned off Twitter for exposing CNN as the propaganda network it is, O’Keefe told War Room he is just getting started exposing the oligarchy.

O’Keefe announced he is suing Twitter and CNN for defamation, after they lied and said he was creating fake accounts.

O’Keefe said his insider videos of CNN’s technical director Charlie Chester were “probably the most devastating look inside a news organization ever.” Chester bragged about being a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party and revealed CNN as “trying to help” the Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

“They took my page down and lied about creating fake accounts,” O’Keefe said.  

“There is an oligarchy between CNN and Twitter,” he said. “You cannot lie with a reckless disregard for the truth.”

O’Keefe said the key to fighting back is to start holding the oligarchy accountable, with defamation lawsuits.

“We’ve successfully filed a suit against the New York Times and now we’re going to do the same to CNN,” he said.

O’Keefe teased a big video on Brian Stelter next, and asked the audience to follow him and Project Veritas on Telegram to spread the truth.

“What isn’t coming? We have over 100 whsitleblowers currently working with us,” O’Keefe said. “On the border, inside media organizations, inside tech companies. 

“What are they going to do, ban all of us?” he said.

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