Combo Platter of Lies 

Stephen K. Bannon goes through the “combo platter of lies” about the pandemic spewed on Morning Joe. Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the sordid history of Dr. Fauci, and explains why his blocking of hydroxychloroquine isn’t the first time he prevented sick patients from receiving care.

“What Fauci did during the AIDs epidemic, he was effectively the AIDs czar,” Navarro said. “He had the power to withhold drugs from AIDs patients and what he did was the same thing…he said that because there were no randomized clinical trials what was then a cocktail of drugs, that those folks couldn’t use them.”

“Dr. Fauci killed 13,000 innocent gay people who couldn’t get access to those drugs because of this guy here, Tony Fauci,” he said.


The Ballroom of the Titanic

Stephen K. Bannon explains why science is the new religion. Dr Navarro says he feels like America is on the ballroom of the Titanic, listening to the music, and the musings of Dr. Fauci.

“There’s a lot of things going wrong now in the Biden administration there’s a lot of things going wrong now on Wall Street,” Navarro said. 

Watching Fox Business this morning, Navarro said, “it was the most bullish rhetoric I had heard since 1999.”

“I felt like I was in a Prince song,” he said.

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Bannon to Fauci: Show Us Your Receipts!

Navarro explains the worst thing about Dr. Fauci. Stephen K. Bannon unloads on Fauci and demands his receipts from last January to know on the pandemic.

“There would have been millions dead if we would have followed your plan,” he said.

“Look at the rest of the world, and they’re never going to recover!” Bannon said. “And who’s going to pay for this? Look at your grandchildren that’s who’s going to pay for it.”

Navarro said, “Fauci is key to unlocking the whole secret to how to defeat this virus, he helped create it.”


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