Donors Make Their Move Against Trump

Stephen K. Bannon reveals the donors are coming against President Trump in a big way.

Plus, learn how to take a hit to HBO, which Bannon says “there is nothing more corrupt and more awful than HBO.”

The Left vs. Right Facade

Raheem Kassam explains why left vs. right is a trap to distract from the real battle: good vs. evil.

“The truth was murdered in front of our eyes,” Kassam said. “This just isn’t about left vs. right. That’s a veneer, a facade, that’s the game they keep trying to get us to play. We’re all guilty of playing it . 

The real game is “the truth vs. the lies, the fact vs. the fiction, the good vs. the evil,” he said.

A Cold Cup of Sick

War Room reacts to the unraveling of the establishment. Fauci is running out of time to answer the Wuhan question of his role in the virus, as the oracle of the beltway is crumbling under basic questioning.

Plus, Kassam unleashes on Joe Scarborough, who he calls “disgusting in every single way.”

WATCH: Jim Jordan SLAMS Dr. Fauci, asks when Americans will ‘get their liberties back’

‘Godfather Of Gain Of Function’: WaPo Columnist Lays Out Fauci’s Possible Role In Wuhan Lab

Scarborough freaks out over Jordan’s basic questions


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