The Vatican’s upcoming “mind, body, and soul” conference is a “who’s who of devils,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Liz Yore, founder Yore Children, joined War Room, Friday, to expose the conference for what it is: a séance  to one world religion.

“It’s a who’s who of devils, of demons,” Bannon said.

“The Vatican through Pope Francis is serving as the launching pad of the one world religion,” Yore explained. “The transhumanism, the Gaia, the interfaith dialogue that Francis keeps promoting. This is what’s going on.”

The “psyop masquerading as a health conference” kicks off with Dr. Tony Fauci and a host of pro-abortion celebrities, like Cindy Crawford and Chelsea Clinton.

“This is very critical because people need to have spitualism,” Yore said. “When you replace all the traditional religions, which is going to happen in the new Great Reset, unless Catholics and the Judeo-Christians of the world in the west push back.

“It’s going to be replaced by a new one world religion, which is environmentalism which promotes population control,” she said.

Bannon said it’s fitting to have Fauci lead the Vatican conference because he’s the “new high priest of Scientism.”

In addition, the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins will appear, who is “one of the biggest” promoters of transhumanism.

The logo for the Catholic conference is the LGBT rainbow for children, Yore noted.

“This is about the murder of truth,” Yore said. “There has not been one dissenting voice in the Vatican in the last 8 years. On environmentalism, on globalism, on  climate change, on vaccines, not a one.

“And before that the Vatican was always the platform for dissenting voices for debate,” she said. “Because to find the truth you need to debate.”

“Not in this papacy,” Yore said. “They are performing in lock step with the globalist agenda.”


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