Liz Yore, founder Yore Children, explains the bombshell Vatican financial scandal, and why it goes to the very top.

“Francis is being exposed as a corrupt papacy,” Yore told War Room, Thursday.

The $200 million speculative London real estate deal using funds meant for the poor, plus selling out to the Chinese Communist Party has Stephen K. Bannon pulling his hair out.

“They took cash money” from China, Bannon said. “Cardinal McCarrick, the pedophile of pedophiles started it, and [Cardinal Pietro] Parolin closed the deal.”

“The secret deal with China is 10 times worse than anything they’ve ever done,” he said. 

Yore also previewed the beyond parody upcoming “mind, body, soul” conference at the Vatican, which features “international celebrities” and Chelsea Clinton.

The May 6-8 Vatican conference also will feature Dr. Fauci, the heads of vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna. 


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