Rabbi Aryeh Spero reflects on the 73rd anniversary of the state of Israel, and explains what it means for America’s fight to keep its freedoms today.

Spero told the War Room Thursday the prophecies that predicted the Jewish people returning to their land. But it didn’t happen without hard work.

“The Jewish people who came back they had personal responsibility,” he said. “They drained the swamps.”

“The reason that these countries like the United States or Israel have been successful is because they follow the Judeo-Christian plan,” Rabbi Spero said. “A morality that comes from God and a guarantee of rights.”

The author of Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit said today American politicians and corporations are “trying to introduce ideas so alien to the founding of America.”

“They will destroy the land,” Rabbi Spero warned. “So we have to stand against them. That is the message of the state of Israel.”


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