Ken Blackwell says everything that is happening in America is part of a long-term globalist plan.

“This is right out of the playbook of the trilateral commission,” he told War Room, Thursday. “They have been for decades now talking about a one world government.”

“What’s a threat to one world government?” Blackwell asked. “The nation state…America first.”

Blackwell said “woke corporations” and the radical left are attempting to redesign America as founded, and said Americans must get active locally through the Precinct Project.

“We must push back,” he said. “We can’t be gaslighted.” 

Blackwell pointed to the biblical prophet Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem, as a path forward for the MAGA movement.

“Nehemiah, he went to the center of the city and said come let us build together,” Blackwell said. “Everybody had to do what they could, with what they had, with where they are.”


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