When Do Americans Get Their Freedom Back?

War Room reacts to Jim Jordan’s grilling of the father of the virus Dr. Fauci with Peter Navarro. 

Navarro recounts an early White House meeting on the pandemic, when he was still unsuspecting and “not knowing this guy’s excrement didn’t smell.”

“All I could think is this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” he said.

“It’s criminal what the media has done in lionizing this guy.” 

WATCH: Jim Jordan SLAMS Dr. Fauci, asks when Americans will ‘get their liberties back’

Fauci and the Delphic Oracle

Peter Navarro says, “Our fate is Fauci’s character and it’s a bad fate right now.”

The former White House advisor compares Saint Fauci to the Oracle of Delphi.

“As time goes on people aren’t being comforted anymore they’re being confused,” he said. “They’re seeing a man not up to the job.”

Plus, after Pfizer started talking about a “third shot,” Navarro questions maybe this is all about Big Pharma making a ton of money.

COVID Vaccine: Third dose ‘likely’ needed, Pfizer CEO says

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‘They’re Losing, Ladies and Gentlemen’

Stephen K. Bannon explains why all the recent news means the establishment is losing.

Natalie Winters reveals Stacey Abram’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

EXC: Stacey Abrams Is On The Board Of A Group Collaborating With The Chinese Communist Party

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Fraud Everywhere

Law professor David Clements says all eyes are on Maricopa County, to see if we finally get an actual audit that examines the physical ballots from the Nov. 3 election.

“There hasn’t been a real audit,” Clements said. 

“Maricopa County is the key right now,” he said. “We need one domino to drop and if that happens we can shine the light and perhaps have some arrests occur.”


Insurrection in Minnesota

Doug Wardlow, general counsel for My Pillow and candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota, reacts to the latest round of riots and lawlessness.

“It’s an insurrection against law and order,” he said. “We’re reaching the point of civilizational breakdown.”

As AG, Wardlow says he would impose just one rule of law for everyone, and would not enforce “the law selectively” like Keith Ellison.

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