Former State Department official Catharine O’Neill explains the danger of the Biden regime’s “infrastructure” plans. 

America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani returns to discuss the phoniness of “Woke” CEOs and their amorality. Plus, Giuliani reveals the catastrophic ways defund the police plays out in practice.

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Puts China First, America Last

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The Most Compromised Family in America

Rudy Giuliani says we need a truly independent prosecutor to look at the numerous crimes on the Hunter Biden hard drive from hell.

Plus, Giuliani gives a heartfelt tribute to the state of Israel on its 73rd anniversary.

Rabbi Spero’s Tribute to Israel and Lessons for America

Rabbi Aryeh Spero explains the prophecies that predicted the Jewish people returning to their land, and what it means for America’s fight to keep its freedoms today.

Get the book: Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit

The Money Changers

Liz Yore, founder Yore Children, explains the Vatican financial scandal, and why it goes to the very top.

The $200 million speculative real estate deal using funds meant for the poor, plus selling out to the Chinese Communist Party has Stephen K. Bannon pulling his hair out.

Plus, Yore previews the beyond parody upcoming “mind, body, soul” conference at the Vatican, and explains why Francis is “being exposed as a corrupt papacy.”

Italian prosecutors request arrest warrant for Italian financier named in Vatican scandals


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National Security, Inc.

Catharine O’Neill explains why Liz Cheney is the definition of N Security, Inc.

How ‘National Security, Inc.’ Wreaks Havoc on America’s Southern Border and Harms Our Cities


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