Adam, Are You Listening?

Mike Lindell wonders if Adam Schiff is listening in, since suddenly the Russia collusion hoaxer is fixated on China.

Lindell previews his “mind-blowing” new social media platform Frank and his new election hack documentary that exposes China’s involvement.

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Why is Adam Schiff talking about China on MSNBC?

‘Undeniable’ Proof

Mike Lindell says his evidence of the stolen election is 100 percent new and “undeniable.”

Plus, Lindell teases major breaking news at 9 a.m. CT on Monday April 19, when Frank launches.

The One World Government Playbook

Raheem Kassam explains the Biden regime is doing everything it can to push eyes off the total American “carnage” on the Southern border.

Ken Blackwell says everything that is happening in America is part of a long-term globalist plan.

“This is right out of the playbook of the trilateral commission,” he said. “They have been for decades now talking about a one world government.”

Plus, Blackwell says we must get active locally and not accept the hypocrisy from woke corporations. “We must push back,” he said. “We can’t be gaslighted.” 

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Tea Party 12 Years Later

Founder of Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin reflects on the movement on its 12 year anniversary.

Plus, Martin says her organization is recruiting 200 poll workers for every congressional district in 2022.

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