“That’s not always as hard as people think.”

Brexit leader Nigel Farage knows it’s possible to take over an established political party, because he did it.

Farage joined War Room, Wednesday, and gave an encouraging message to Trump supporters: “the populist revolution is far, far from over” and the GOP is ripe for a takeover.

Farage said consistency and patience is key, noting it took 4 years after the Brexit vote to actually leave because of globalist obstruction. His advice to the MAGA movement? Take over the GOP.

“We’ve got a lot more further to go with this,” Farage said of populism. “So to Americans who’ve been depressed, please take heart.”

When Stephen K. Bannon asked for advice to the MAGA movement on taking on the GOP, Farage said Trump supporters have no choice.

“They’ve got to take it over, Steve,” he said. “They’ve got to take it over. Because you know better than me huge swaths of the Republican Party never accepted Trump. You’ve got to take it over.”

“That’s not always as hard as people think,” Farage said.

The easy part is getting involved at the local, grassroots level, he said. The harder part is getting over unbelief.

MAGA supporters “need to have that belief that the voice of the silent majority…is going to be heard.” 


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