Dr. Peter Navarro blamed former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for blocking a presidential commission under the Trump administration to get to bottom the coronavirus.

“One of my deep regrets was not getting a presidential commission,” Navarro told War Room, Wednesday. “The boss wanted to do it,” he said, speaking of President Trump.

“Again it was one of these cases where Mnuchin wanted to kiss up to the Chinese and he fought this tooth and nail,” he said.

Navarro said a presidential commission on the coronavirus would have exposed the virus’s origins, and allow Americans to recover financial damages from Communist China. 

“They took away a minimum a full year’s worth of GDP,” Navarro said.

Navarro said the commission could have used tort law to get compensatory and punitive damages from China to “to discourage them from doing that again.”

Navarro also discussed China’s quest for world domination through blockchain, exposing it as their number one national security goal.

Navarro explained hacking blockchain is the “ultimate terrorist weapon.”

“Go and read the China 2025 plan to take over the world,” he said. “The China 2025 plan was the plan which really mobilized the Trump administration to impose tariffs, particularly on high technology sectors.”

China identified “10 different sectors of the economy that they want to be able to control, and one of the 10 is blockchain technology…the most important,” he said.

“If you are able to figure out blockchain as a Chinese Communist nation seeking to take over the world, you can go into any financial institution in the world and break down…disrupt any kind of digital currency system.”

“It’s the ultimate terrorist weapon,” Navarro said. “It’s like today’s Rubik’s cube.” 


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