It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Right Now

Dr. Naomi Wolf joins War Room for a full hour on the danger of vaccine passports, and how to stop them.

WATCH Naomi Wolf’s dire warning about vaccine passports 

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The Unverified Pandemic

Naomi Wolf explains how vaccine passports are designed to introduce China’s social credit score to the west.

Plus, Wolf explains how the “fatal flaws” of the PCR tests that produce massive amounts of false positives can be weaponized against political opponents.

Five Freedoms to Stop Biofascism

Naomi Wolf discusses deplatforming and the extreme censorship surrounding the pandemic and the vaccines.

Plus, Wolf says there is no such thing as the little guy in fighting Big Tech, Big Pharma Goliaths. Wolf shares how the Five Freedoms being enacted in 6 states can defeat vaccine passports. 

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Fight Vaccine Passports at Local Level

Naomi Wolf walks through steps to fight vaccine passports at the local level. Wolf is organizing an upcoming rally in Maine on April 27.

Email: [email protected] for information getting involved at the local level.


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