The John the Baptist for Trump

Brexit leader Nigel Farage joins War Room with an encouraging message to Trump supporters: “the populist revolution is far, far from over.”

Farage said consistency and patience is key, noting it took 4 years after the Brexit vote to actually leave because of globalist obstruction. His advice to the MAGA movement? Take over the GOP.

“That’s not always as hard as people think,” he said. 


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China and Crytpo

Nigel Farage reflects on the death of Prince Phillip, talks the unnecessary confrontation with Russia, and gives his expert opinion on crytocurrency.

Farage said crypto is a liberating hedge against inflation, which he says is coming. However, he warned China has other plans for digital currency.

“Crypto is liberating, it’s free but China is now choosing to use this to create the opposite,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party will use the digital Yuan to threaten the dollar. “Far from being liberating,” Farage said, it will be “a weapon for control.” 

Non-Operational Biden

Boris Epshteyn discusses the disaster of the Biden regime’s handling of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and why it makes him think of the hard drive from hell.

“In those text messages there’s an exchange between Hunter Biden…and Joe Biden at about 8 p.m. there’s a time stamp, and Biden says, ‘I’m going to bed,'” he said. “That was 2 years ago.”

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Pompeo’s Warning to Churches

Real America’s Voice contributor Amanda Head reports on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s warning to churches at the Liberty University’s Equity for Africa summit.

Pompeo told Head it’s a mistake for churches to excuse away covid mandates and restrictions imposed by governments.

“It’s a mistake for pastors and clergymen to not recognize what’s happening right now,” Pompeo told Head. “We have to judge our freedoms on an absolute basis, on the basis of the Constitution.”

Head said Pompeo is “looking to the church and church communities to bring us out of this era we are in.” 

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