My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell promised he will win 9-0 before the Supreme Court, and prove the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.

In a wide-ranging interview with War Room, Lindell discussed how vaccines are more censored by Big Tech than voter fraud, and previewed his new social media platform Frank, which launches Monday, April 19. Users can sign up for early VIP access at

“That first day is going to be focused on what Frank is all about,” he said. “The next morning, get ready for it, we’re launching Absolute Interference to the world.”

Lindell said his new documentary “is going to show 100 percent scientific proof from three different directions hat China attacked our country.”

Lindell said the evidence will be so overwhelming it will land before the Supreme Court.

“I’m bringing it all right to the people, so every single person can see every piece of evidence,” he said. “And that’s nine people at the Supreme Court.”

Lindell said whistleblowers from Dominion will end up being witnesses in the court of law. He also is launching a separate lawsuit from My Pillow against the voting machine company Dominion to protect free speech.

Stephen K. Bannon asked Lindell what kind of “voodoo or magic” he has, since up until now the Supreme Court has refused to touch any part of voter fraud. 

“It’s not voodoo and it’s not magic,” Lindell said. “God’s got his hand in all of this.”

“This is 100 percent factual evidence,” he said. “I don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican you are going to be very concerned with our country,” after they see concrete evidence of China’s cyber attacks to swing votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

“They’re going to say of course we have to look at it,” Lindell said. “It’s our job.”


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