Meet Lynn Forester de Rothschild

War Room reveals the socialite who was behind the 100 CEO anti-Deplorable pro-voter fraud zoom call over the weekend, and her last name is Rothschild.

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to “the worst fed chair in modern history” Jerome Powell admitting the rigged system where if your wages go up, they’ll ship your job overseas.

“The people who control this government think that whenever your wages go up, they’re going to ship our jobs overseas so people can have cheap crap at Walmart,” he said. “Even though they don’t have a paycheck, they’ve got cheap crap at Walmart.”

Meet Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the coordinator of the 100 CEO conference call attacking the Deplorables…

Rothschild Links: Evelyn and Lynne de Rothschild ‘Introduced’ Dershowitz to Ghislaine Maxwell

Inflation Bullet Train

Navarro corrects Fed Chair Powell and explains yes, wealthy nations can increase wages. Look what President Trump did in 2019.

Plus, Navarro reveals how globalism is a redistributive scheme and warns inflation is “coming at us like a bullet train.”

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Marxism is in the Schools

Sloane Rachmuth, president of Education First Alliance, previews her rally in North Carolina to save education from Marxism.

“The center stage to save this country happens to be in the classroom,” Rachmuth said. “We’re fighting Marxism.”

Rachmuth said over 1,000 people have signed up to fight critical race theory, the transgender agenda, and other cultural indoctrination in the K-12 schools.

She said it’s time to “go beyond the keyboard and get in front of people and let them hear what you have to say.” 

More: Legislative Action Day April 13th

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