Frankenstein CEOs

Stephen K. Bannon explains why big corporations are a bigger problem than the Biden regime. Big Corp are colluding behind the scenes to make Nov. 3 the norm for elections in the future, where the American people have no voice at all.

“The 100 CEOs took the mask off,” Bannon said. “They don’t want voter integrity because they understand that if we had a real count on Nov. 3, you would be in power and they would be on their back foot.”

Plus, who is going to be in charge of the vaccine passports? Not the Biden regime. Bannon says now is the time to fight back.

The Road to Perdition Paved by Globalists

Bannon explains why globalists are paving the road to perdition, and Jerome Powell spilling the globalist agenda on 60 Minutes.

Plus, Boris Epshteyn shares why the donors were so triggered this weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

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Managed Globalist Decline: Jerome Powell says we can’t raise wages ‘when wages can move overseas’

Josh Hawley unveils “trust-busting” plan for Big Tech

‘They Hate You’ 

Bannon says CEOs who virtue-signal against Voter ID would have “slept through the Sermon on the Mount.”

“All they want to do sis turn you into a commodity product,” he said.  “And now they’re all virtue signaling, they’re a bunch of phonies and it’s time to fight back.”

100 Woke CEOs Gather to Oppose Election Integrity Laws

Truth to Corporate Power

Bannon says its the Big Corporations who will prevent you from getting on a plane or getting hired in America’s managed decline.

Plus, learn why Mitch McConnell is the type of aristocrat America was founded against.


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