The decline is by design.

Stephen K. Bannon explained how Frankenstein CEOs and the American aristocracy make more money off America in decline than on the rise, on War Room, Monday.

“They make more money on the way down than the way up,” Bannon said. “That’s the managed decline of our country. And you see it everywhere. In education, at the southern border.” 

Bannon said the America needs to be a great manufacturing power, now a “service economy” the globalists want.

“Why do they hate you?” he said. “Why do they mock you? Why do they try to shut this down?”

“This audience is the source of power this audience will determine the direction of this country,” Bannon said.

A working class revolt is their greatest threat, Bannon said, and that is why they still fear President Trump and, more importantly the populism of Trumpism.

“For all his imperfections, I was there in 2016,” Bannon said. “It was divine providence. Donald Trump took this movement to reverse managed decline.”

Bannon said globalists are putting America on the “road to perdition.”


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