Stephen K. Bannon blasted big corporations aligning forces to block fixes to our election system, Monday.

“Those 100 CEOs would have slept through the Sermon on the Mount,” Bannon said, after reports that 100 CEOs met over the weekend to scheme how to block more voter integrity laws like ID for mail-in ballots in Georgia.

“All they want to do is turn you into a commodity product,” Bannon said. “And now they’re all virtue signaling.”

“They’re a bunch of phonies and it’s time to fight back,” Bannon said. “And I’ve been telling you who the enemy is. You see where they’re running and they’re running over you.

“They see an obstacle down in Mar-a-lago and it’s Donald J. Trump,” he added.

Bannon said big corporations, who colluded to deny President Trump’s re-election victory and bragged about it in TIME magazine, pose a greater threat than the Biden regime.

Giant corporations have become uncontrollable “Frankenstein monsters,” built in part by GOP policies.

“They have turned on you and they are a bigger problem than the Biden administration,” Bannon said. “Who is going to be the execution people on the vaccine passports? The corporations.”


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