Stephen K. Bannon said Mitch McConnell is the exact type of aristocrat that America rebelled against in 1776.

Bannon went off against the managed decline of America by its elites on War Room, Monday, explaining it is because they make more money on the way down.

“You got Harry Reid up there, that’s a paragon right there,” he said. “His son is up to his neck with the Chinese Communist Party. The whole family is corrupt.”

“Only maybe topped by of the Blunts of Missouri or the McConnells,” Bannon said.

Bannon blasted the Republican minority senate leader as no different than Harry Reid, the former Democrat majority leader. Each enriched themselves off their power.

“All come as poor country lawyers,” he said. “With not two dollars to rub together.”

“Go back and look at their original financial disclosures,” Bannon said. “They’re all multi millionaires today.”

“It’s an aristocracy,” Bannon explained. “Didn’t we fight that? Wasn’t that the basis of what we were trying to get out of in 1776?”

“Isn’t that what Hamilton told us about?” he said.


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