Stephen K. Bannon blasted the Republican National Committee for holdings its summer meeting in Palm Beach, while the border implodes and populism lies in the balance.

“There’s no hope there,” Bannon said, after a live report from Tijuana. “There’s nothing but despair there and that’s Northern Mexico.” 

“I don’t need a bunch of donors drinking champagne cocktails down in Palm Beach sitting there [saying], ‘You have to tone this down,'” he said.

“We are not toning this down,” Bannon said. “We are revving this up.” 

Bannon said Joe Biden’s border crisis is leading to a revolt in the working class, while the establishment GOP does nothing except tell the party to shy away from nationalist policies that would fix the problem.

“The RNC meetings down in Palm Beach, the Hell with the donors,” Bannon said. “You don’t need donors, you need policies. You need votes. And those votes are among working class.” 


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