Socialism’s Role in the Border Crisis

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Goat Canyon on the border and explains socialism’s role in Biden’s border crisis.

Plus, Stephen K. Bannon says the resignation of the border “coordinator” Roberta Jackson means the Biden regime in “scrambling.”

“They know they need to put another face out there,” he said. “They’re scrambling.”

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‘The Testing is on You’

Stephen K. Bannon explains the buried lede of CNN’s attack on Christians over “vaccine hesitancy,” scientism is eyeing “pediatric applications” to get to herd immunity.

“That means just not young people, that means children,” Bannon said.

Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam explains people are skeptical because of a distrust in government and politics infecting science.

“If you’re under 50, you have the same likelihood of dying by choking on your food,” Bergquam said of the risk of covid. “Why would anyone take a vaccine when the testing that is being done on the vaccine is on you? I think there’s a clear reason for vaccine hesitancy, you don’t know if the science is science or politics.”

CNN blames Christians for ‘vaccine hesitancy’

Almost 40 percent of Marines are declining COVID-19 vaccine

‘The Hell With the Donors’

Stephen K. Bannon hits the RNC’s meeting in Palm Beach. While donors sip champagne and talk about “toning down” the populism talk, the border is imploding.

Bellingcat for Dummies

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, explains why the CIA loves Bellingcat. The shadowy intel carve out for the UK and US was behind bogus narratives in Syria and Russia, but now has turned it’s dirty work against Americans.

The kicker: Bellingcat, which is targeting patriotic Americans, is funded by taxpayers.

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