John Lott detailed the shocking amount of lies at Joe Biden’s gun grabbing press conference.

“I was shocked by the number of lies that were told in that short presentation,” Lott told War Room, on Friday.

Lott says Biden is targeting the gun manufacturing industry, and says gun control is a shield for the left’s disastrous policy failures like “defund the police.”

Biden falsely claimed a lack of gun control was the reason for increases in homicides in 2020, rather than Democrat-run cities letting out criminals from prison and defunding the police.

“There’s a reason why homicides increased so much because police were not allowed to do their jobs,” Lott said. “And prosecutors were not prosecuting them.

“If criminals are not worried about being caught, and they’re not worried about being prosecuted even if they are caught, guess what? They’re going to do more crime,” Lott said.

“What gun control laws changed last year that was responsible?” Lott asked.

The author of the book More Guns, Less Crime said it is not “rocket science” that if cities are weak on crime and defund the police for crime to go up.

Lott said gun control “provides them an excuse” and “someone else to blame for when their policies fail.”


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